Pepper Sweet Sunshine F1 seeds




As easy to grow as tomatoes and requiring virtually the same treatment, peppers can also be grown outside but only in a shady position. The best results are obtained in polytunnels or a glasshouse. Sweet Sunshine F1 is a pepper that is ideal to grow on your patio, so is perfect if you are short of space in your garden. This plant produces heavy crops of small but tasty, pointed fruits. It is an easy to grow variety and can be grown in a hanging basket because of its unique trailing habit. The peppers are juicy and tender and will be ready to pick from mid-July onwards. Produced and supplied by Kings

Seed Count - 5

When to sow

February to March in a propagator at 18-21°C using good quality compost. Cover seeds with 5mm (1/4") of sieved soil.

Where to sow

Sow thinly in trays, pots or modules at about 22°C, cover finely with compost. Cover with glass or polythene to retain humidity.

What to do next

Transplant seedlings into 10cm (4") pots when large enough to handle. Finally, in May, plant out into large pots or containers on a warm patio or in a greenhouse..