Marrow Long Green Trailing seeds




Produces large dark green fruits with a paler green stripe. Trailing habit needs a lot of room. Marrows can be cut before the first frost free but cool area and used during the winter.

Seed Count - 20

When to sow

April to July
Where to sow

Early sowings in 9cm (3 1/2") pots or tryas 2cm (3/4") deep inder glass at 20oC. MAy sowings direct in cold frames or under cloches. Early June sowings direct into the growing site 2cm (3/4") deep, 2 or 3 seeds in each position 120cm (48") apart.

What to do next

Glasshouse and under cover seedlings should be gradually hardened off once they have developed the first pair of rough leaves, and transplanted to the growing site in lat May 120cm (48") apart. Outdoor sowings should be thinned to one seedling as soon as possible.
July onwards