Courgette Ambassador F1 seeds




The courgette is probably the most popular form of all the marrow family. Picked young it can be used in a host of delicious dishes; fried with garlic butter or stuffed! Ambassador is an early variety with the production of dark green fruits. Produced and supplied by Kings

Seed Count - 15

When to sow

April to May

Where to sow

Early sowings in pots or trays 2cm (1") apart under glass at 22°C. May sowings in cold frames or under cloches. Early June sowings direct into the growing site 2cm (1") deep, 2 or 3 seeds in each position, 60cm (24") apart.

What to do next

Glasshouse and under cover sowings should be gradually hardened off once they have developed the first pair of rough leaves and transplanted to growing site in late May, 60cm (24") apart. Outdoor sowings should be thinned to one seedling per station as soon as possible.


July to onwards