Cabbage F1 Kilaton seeds




High yielding, autumn/winter cabbage, ballhead variety. It has a nice green external colour, even after long storage. Head weight approx 2.5-4kg (5.1/2-9lb)

Seed Count - 50

When to sow

March to April
Where to sow

Early sowing   in trays or modules at 16°C in the greenhouse 1cm (1/2") deep. Outdoor sowing in well-prepared seed bed in shallow drills 2cm (1/2") deep

What to do next

When indoor seedlings are about 8cm (3") tall, prick out into trays 5cm (2") apart. Thin outdoor seedlings as they appear to 5cm (2") apart. When the seedlings are about 10-15cm (4-6") tall, transplant to the growing site 35-40cm (14-16") apart. Set the young plants 2cm (1") deeper than they were in the seed bed. Ensure plants are well hardened off before planting out.

October to November.